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Historical Audio Docu-Series

Designed for  those who enjoy mystery and ancient history, this well-crafted series explores the ancient world of North, Central and South America and the people who carved culture and civilization from an ancient and often harsh environment to make their mark on future generations.

Often constructed from surviving oral histories of America's native cultures and combined with what modern anthropologists and archeologists have uncovered, the AMA Series explores the possibilities of our collective past and sheds light on some of America's greatest and most perplexing mysteries. While ancient civilizations evolved into successful dynasties only to disappear to never be heard from again, this series searches for the lost clues to help shed light and understanding into what may have and most likely did happen in those forgotten days. From the mysteries of the Lost Maya to lost Tales of the Anasazi to the Mystery of the Forgotten Cahokians, Ancient Mysteries of the Americas attempts to reconstruct history into an entertaining and thought-provoking story of great adventure - a thrill ride for lovers of history and mystery.

Divided into episodes, each one tackling a different ancient mystery, Author and storyteller Logan Hawkes takes the listener into the lost world of America's forgotten cultures.

In "Episode One: The Lords of the Night Sky," scheduled for release Oct. 15, 2010, Hawkes presents the mystery of how sky watchers from two successful but distant ancient American cultures randomly met 1,400 years ago at a crossroads in a desolate and lonely desert in search of a "fallen star" that crashed into the Earth - the story of ancient America's leading astronomers, which history tells us were far advanced in their skills and capable of remarkable science beyond their times.

In the third to seventh centuries, two distant ancient cultures met in a lonely high-desert, each traveling a long distance to investigate a giant meteorite that bathed the night sky in brillance, one that could be seen half a continent away. Was it an object or message from the Gods? Was it a warning or a prophesy? Or had the Gods descended to Earth to meet the people?

Uncover the mystery of ancient American cosmology as Wakonda the Anasazi and Xolchalco the Meso-American sky watcher strike an alliance to discover the mysteries of the Chihuahuan high-desert and set about to build a magnificent dual-culture city- the “Athens of the Desert” - to study the strange connection between the environment and the night sky.

“Lords of the Night Sky” is a journey into the unknown world of Ancient America and the story of the masterful astronomers of two cultures joined forces to unravel the mysteries of the universe.

Author and historical storyteller Logan Hawkes embarks on a highly produced and compelling audio docudrama that provides insight into the mysterious world of two ancient cultures that would one day disappear, never to be heard from again...

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