Mysterious Places

The Bermuda Triangle, New Mexico’s Inscription Rock, Germany’s Black Forest, Mexico’s Zone of Silence, the Nazca Lines…there are places and objects in this world that beg discovery; desire explanation. Here your chance to read about them or to share places or objects you believe fit into this category. Enjoy.

2 Responses to Mysterious Places

  1. There is much about our world that we still do not understand. Scientists tell us that natural mysteries abound in every corner of the Earth, from the lifeless desert of Chile to the bottomless depths of the Pacific, there are things we simply do not comprehend.

    Perhaps this is the best way to describe a place in northern Mexico in the middle of the hot, searing, punishing Chihuahuan desert, a place commonly called the “Zone of Silence” by the few locals, scientists, students and visitors that wander there from time to time in search of answers.

  2. Natural mysteries have long been one of my favorite past times, and without looking very far, we can often find some amazing things to research right in our own proverbial backyards. For me, the Gulf of Mexico is an intriguing and mysterious body of water. We take it for granted – the great Gulf of Mexico. But a close look at the character of this massive body of water provides some insight that the average person may not know. Discover the mysteries

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