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Staying on subject as much as possible, I invite you to post your favorite books and movies on this page, specifically as they relate to historical mysteries or to related phenomenon in contemporary times. In a move of self-indulgence and shameless marketing, I list here my own book about “strange encounters of the 19th century”, a fictionalized look at some interesting events based upon documented cases. Of course, I admit, I hope you read the book (and view the book trailer linked below), but more importantly I hope you list your favorite on-subject books and movie recommendations – and even video – in a responsive post. Cool…

Close Encounters of the Old WestClose Encounters of the Old West
Inspired by documented newspaper reports of the 1800′s, the book takes the reader on a dramatized adventure across the Old West where protagonist Jonah Montana, a half-breed Cherokee agent working for a dying U.S. President, investigates strange mysteries, flying airships and related X-Files type events in hopes of uncovering a dark conspiracy designed to bring about the subjugation of the human race and eventual world domination by a secret organization under the control of an alien race.

From mysterious flying craft to encounters with nefarious, mythical creatures, the story is intertwined with Native American legend and lore and offers a glimpse in an Old West that could have been – or perhaps was and we simply don’t know it. 246 pages and available on or at

Close Encounter of the Old West Book Trailer

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