Life's best mysteries are usually real, not crafted by a writer or poet. In the collected works of writer, researcher and broadcaster Logan Hawkes, discovering history's best mysteries requires looking through forgotten history books and journals and rifling through old or sometimes ancient documents in the archives of libraries and museums, combined with onsite research. But the key to most of history's great mysteries, he says, is often found in the oral stories of the descendants to those whose history has passed.


"Analyzing what we know from recorded history and combining it with what we can learn from surviving native stories still being passed down to each new generation, and then using a careful mix of logic, deduction and speculative probabilities to help fill in the gaps, we can paint a better picture of how ancient history may have played out," Hawkes says, and his quest for answers to history's most intriguing mysteries offers the reader a glance into a world rarely seen and seldom understood. From exploring ancient creation myths to examining the fate of lost tribes and forgotten civilizations, Hawkes brings the world of mystery and adventure to the forefront for readers.


Author, audio book narrator, publisher and adventurer, Hawkes' intriguing written and recorded novels and essays provide insight into history's greatest mysteries and offer hours of entertainment and enlightenment into both the world of the past and what could be in the world of the future.

Books by Logan Hawkes:

Close Encounters of the Old West (a novel) * America's Ancient Mysteries (audio book series)

* Pirates of the Gulf (audio book) * Ancient Aliens of the Americas  *